USB Drives with Branding

USB Drives




Large Variety of USB to print or Engrave your Logo

Special Customised Forms



Power Banks with Logo

Power Banks

Metal, Wood, Plastic, Display, Multi-Functional Power Banks to Brand with your Logo.

Premium and Economy



Bluetooth Speakers with Logo





Bluetooth Speakers, Multi-functional, Hands-Free, Wood, Metal, Premium, Economy - Perfect for Branding with your Logo


Selfie Sticks with Logo

Selfie Sticks

Selfie-Sticks with Customised Handle, Logo-Print and Muli-Functional




Smartphone Cover & Cases

Smartphone & Tablet Accessories



Touchpens, Cases, Pouches, Bags, Cabels, Adaptors 





Fitness Wristband

USB Promotional Gifts - New, innovative and modern Promotional Gifts

Looking for innovative, new Promotional Gifts? Why not brand a USB drive, Power Bank, Speaker of Selfie-Stick!

In today's world, people are more and more technology-based, and so an ICT-related Promotional Gift makes a useful, modern and practical gift for your customer. With space to print your logo or advertisement, make your company or brand better known as people use their gift on a daily basis.

USB Promotional Gifts is a daughter-company of - we have over 15 years experience in the market for customised and branded USB Drives as well as offering high-quality Power Banks, Speakers, Selfie Sticks, Earphones and other Smartphone/Tablet Accessories.

With our trusted suppliers and worldwide delivery, let us help you to impress your customers with a new innovative promotional gift.


Can't find what you are looking for on here?

E-mail and we will help you to find the perfect promotional gift!

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